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Johnny Young

Artist / Owner of s e v e n gallery

"Crystal clear refreshing taste. Great room temperature or chilled. Definitely my go to for hydration. Everything about the water is amazing from the taste, to the packaging, to the beautiful bottle and a beautiful feeling of knowing that you are putting nothing but goodness into your body. It is amazing."

Mary Lawson / Mesonjixx


When I first tried 3RD-i Water I was at one of my two jobs that requires me to be on my feet for hours. 3RD-i Water kept me hydrated and my mind focused on the tasks at hand. The message on the bottle reaffirmed hope in my dreams that live outside of my jobs - and as an artist you need those types of affirmations to keep the fire ablaze. 

Kena Fuller

"There isn’t enough education about water and it’s importance. Most of us think, 8  glasses a day, but what else; what about sourcing, and eco conscious packaging, ingredients, yes, ingredients. Most of us take water at face value because it’s simply water. 3RD-i takes water and its importance to another level through responsible packaging, pure and safe sourcing, aligning value with all you didn’t know was needed in a simple sip. I am beyond blessed to have found this company and it’s product and will forever more be both aware and hydrated on every level with 3RD-i !! Thank you for all you are building and bringing to the masses. I wish you all the success in the world! ❤️"


"3RD-i Water is honestly the best water I’ve had. I thought I was crazy thinking this water tasted different (in a better way) than your average bottled water, then my girlfriend (Who is very picky with her water) said it definitely did taste better than other waters.
The fact that it comes in a glass bottle is awesome because we can reuse the bottle. Overall great water, great owners & great cause. Love the fact that they stand, not only for personal health, but for environmental health too."

Russell Cassin

Owner of Cassin Café

"Without a doubt I am a very picky person when it comes to beverages. When I saw 3RD-i Water it immediately caught my attention. By the water being distributed in a glass, I knew I wasn’t going to taste the plastic or metal taste that I normally do when I drink most bottled water. Along with that, this water has a high pH, Himalayan crystals, no fluoride and oh you can’t forget about the glass being biodegradable! I knew this was going to be the perfect water for me.
This was a clear indicator that I wanted to start selling this product on my vegetarian food truck (Cassin Café). I reached out to the company for a wholesale inquiry. Faster than anticipated they sent me out a case with no hesitation for me to sample on my food truck. Upon arrival of the water, there was a handwritten note from the Burton Brothers. The note entailed them saying thank you for being interested in this product and how appreciative they were. There are not many companies that take the time and personalize a thank you note to show their appreciation. The first sip, I remember like it was yesterday. The water tasted like nothing I have had before. It was so pure, fresh, and crisp. Hands down I give this product a 10 out of 10 rating!"

Jewel Rodgers

"I think 3RD-i is something special. You can’t deny the facts i.e. fluoride-free, Himalayan crystals, 8+ pH — but what it really comes down to is a good company lead by visionary people who believe in what they are doing and why they are doing it. It just so happens that this benefits folks like you and me, people who need water (preferably less acidic, fluoride-free water) to survive. (:

3RD-i is an incredible brand, providing incredible water! I highly encourage you give it a shot."


Verified Buyer

"My head felt very clear and I was mentally sharper."


"Well, I must say that your product was utterly beneficial for my body and my hydration over all. The water taste good and I felt good about drinking it because of the ingredients that’s in it."

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