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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does the name "3RD-i Water" come from?"
    The third eye is the nickname for the pineal gland in the brain. It is said to be responsible for imagination, intuition and creativity. Fluoride is widely known to harm the pineal gland. Carefully designing every aspect of this water for your health, 3RD-i Water also exists as a symbol for the limitless power of the mind and spirit.
  • What does "Dream on" mean?"
    "Dream on" is what we say to encourage creativity, innovation and forward-thinking.
  • What is the water source of 3RD-i Water?
    We use municipal water which is then treated by our proprietary 14-step purification and treatment process.
  • What is 3RD-i Water's purification process?
    3RD-i Water is made using our proprietary 14-step purification and treatment process which includes reverse osmosis, deionization, UV light and ozone virtually removing all impurities from the water.
  • What is structured water?
    Creating incomparable energy and hydrating characteristics, structured water refers to the hexagonally-shaped arrangement of oxygen and hydrogen molecules present in 3RD-i Water. By increasing the hydrogen bond angles, the water is livened and restored to its original most power formation. With a decreased surface tension 3RD-i Water is highly absorbant into your body's cells and provides a superior smooth taste.
  • What is reverse osmosis?
    Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective methods for water purification in which water is "squeezed" through a semi-permeable membrane allowing the passage of water molecules, but rejecting the majority of dissolved solids, heavy metals, and other impurities such as fluoride, barium, arsenic as well as other impurities making the product water extremely pure.
  • Does 3RD-i Water remove fluoride?
    Yes! This makes for a healthier mind and body. Fluoride is an inorganic, toxic substance that may be linked to certain types of cancer, bone disease and calcifying your pineal gland.
  • Why does 3RD-i Water™ use UV light exposure?
    We use UV light to disable the DNA of microorganisms commonly found in water.
  • What is the pH of 3RD-i Water™?
    3RD-i Water has a pH of 8 and higher.
  • Why is alkalinity important?
    Alkalinity refers to the ability to neutralize acid. (Think of how chewable antacid tablets neutralize heartburn and acid reflux). This helps maintain a healthy environment in your body making it hard for diseases to thrive. Acidity is obtained from unhealthy, overly processed foods and acidic beverages like soda, beer and sadly, many waters. Diseases such as certain types of cancers and diabetes are known to stem from acidic environments. AIkalinity is measured by the concentration, or potential of hydrogen ions (pH) in a solution. 3RD-i Water has a pH of 8 and higher which was found to be our sweetspot for optimum health benefits for drinking naturally alkaline water.
  • Is 3RD-i Water artificially alkaline?
    No! We only believe in acheiving a high pH naturally. Adversely, the artificial process known as ionization uses electicity to split water molecules in an attempt to show a high pH. This only tricks the body because it does not have the minerals needed to neutralize acid, the way naturally alkaline water does for the body.
  • What is Himalayan Crystal and what are the benefits of it in 3RD-i Water?
    Himalayan Crystal is widely known to: lower blood pressure, increase hydration, improve circulation, boost energy, balance the body's pH, prevent muscle cramping and is great for healthy-looking skin, hair and nails. ​ Himalayan Crystal was formed around 250 million years ago. It is the remains of the original, primal sea back when the Himalayas were first being formed. All-natural and unprocessed, Himalayan Crystal contains 84 trace minerals and trace elements. Our added Himalayan Crystal formula is tasteless in the water, resulting in clean, crisp, refreshing water with all of its health benefits.
  • How does 3RD-i Water benefit those with high blood pressure?
    Himalayan Crystal is widely known to lower blood pressure, increase hydration, improve circulation, boost energy, balance the body's pH, prevent muscle cramping and is great for healthy looking skin, hair and nails. Our Himalayan Crystal formula is all-natural and unprocessed, containing 84 trace minerals and trace elements. If you are ever unsure, it is always a good idea to seek the advice of your physician or health provider.
  • Does 3RD-i Water only come in glass?
    Yes. 3RD-i Water is respectfully and exclusively bottled in glass. Our eco-conscious glass bottles maintain the purity of our water by not releasing harmful chemicals back into the water you drink, or the environment when disposed of, unlike plastic bottles.
  • Are 3RD-i bottles recyclable?
    Definitely! Glass is one of the few renewable resources that can be recycled over and over without loss of integrity of the material. Please recycle!
  • Are your bottles BPA free?
    Yes! Our bottles are made of glass, not plastic.
  • What is the shelf life of 3RD-i Water?
    While the FDA does not require an expiration date, 3RD-i Water can sit on the shelf for years before being enjoyed.
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