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3RD-i Water

Dream on.

Unafraid to pursue your wildest dreams, you continue to think outside the box and push our planet forward. It is our dream to provide you 3RD-i Water™ to help you chase yours.

Jeffrey & Trenton

For your health, we are:


Fluoride is an inorganic, toxic substance that may be linked to certain types of cancer, bone disease and calcifying your pineal gland. 3RD-i Water is made without fluoride to support your creative mind.

Vortex Structured

For incomparable energy and hydrating characteristics, we liven and restore the arrangement of the water molecules to its original, most power formation.

Himalayan Crystal Infused

Our energy boosting Himalayan Crystal formula increases heart performance and helps prevent muscle cramping, while promoting healthy-looking skin, hair and nails.


The alkalinity of our water creates a healthy environment in your body, making it hard for diseases to thrive. 3RD-i Water™ has a pH of 8 and higher.

Bottled in Eco-Conscious Glass

Respectfully bottled in glass, our bottles maintain the purity of our water by not releasing harmful chemicals back into the water you drink, or the environment when disposed of, unlike plastic bottles.

Biodegradable Safety Seal

To "top it off" we use 100% biodegradable tamper-evident seals to keep you and the environment safe.

For your health
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